Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little boy

As predicted, my baby has left me, and replaced himself with a full-blown toddler. A walking, babbling, screaming child who has a will of his own and desire to express himself physically. Now is the time when one starts thinking, now fondly, about the possibility of Number Two. I look back at the baby pictures and the early video - that is another child. Certainly a different creature altogether from the active, expressive little puppy we have running around the house now.

Here's what happened - he found that he could walk upright, and figured that if he could do that, like big people do, he could do everything else they do as well. Within days he was trying on words and (his favorite) animal sounds like new hats. He figured out how to sign "more" and quickly tuned in to how he might use his hands to tell us all about his demands. He now signs the words more, milk, eat, baby, banana, and ball. Sometimes I see him wiggling his fingers as if he is trying to find a way to tell me something he has not yet learned. And now, when he makes a demand that we cannot or will not fulfill, he goes into an absolute rage. No, we will not give you more pieces of banana for you to throw on the ground. No, I will not pick you up while I am on the potty. Sorry, but pants are required for a trip to the park. Yesterday, sounds from Munch's room indicated that Tom was removing Munch's arms from his torso. Not so! Simply administering a new diaper. It took us all several minutes to recover.

The good news is that Munch now goes to sleep like a dream. No more screaming, bemoaning, lamenting his fate and cursing his parents. No, now we slow dance in the dark for a minute or two. He clings to my neck and buries his head in my hair. Then, when he is ready, he reaches out for his crib. He snuggles with his blanket and that is it. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Thursday I start my next community college class. I am looking forward to learning something. I am not looking forward to how long it will take me to learn something. I'm such a snob.