Friday, July 20, 2007

So not as exciting this time around...

I have made it to the half-way mark. While standing I think I finally look pregnant, but when I sit down I still just look/feel fat. This time around I don't have all of the excitement I had with Munch. It is an interesting mix - I am at once not as paranoid or virtuous as the first time (enjoying my coffee, feta cheese, etc.), and at the same time I am quite anxious. I don't feel like I trust the pregnancy - I have heard too many horror stories to get to that happy place. Every new little pain or cramp throws me into doubt. But we are chugging along, expecting the best, and suppressing any negative thoughts.

The nesting instinct kicked in last week, big time. I moved Munch to his new room and cleaned out the closets of both kiddie rooms. Here I am at 20 weeks, not comfortable with the pregnancy, and yet fully set up with a clean and organized nursery. What gives.

Munch gives me both aggravation and great joy these days. We are potty training, and it is a learning experience for both of us. My frustration lies in the fact that he can control his bodily functions - he can hold his pee/poop for hours if need be - and yet he continues to make Bad Choices, such as pooping in his underwear five minutes after I provided him with a Potty Opportunity, or simply not pooping at all for 36 hours. We are working through it. I read Madeline to him over and over again while he sits on his throne, and eventually he relaxes enough to push one out.

He is certainly at the stage where he says funny things. I feel that I have been remiss in not recording them. Yesterday, he lifted the lid to the sanitary napkin disposal bin in the public restroom, and told me that Oscar lived there.

Now I need to go pick up the house. Again.